For Parents

First, a Few Words of Thanks

We can’t say often enough how much we appreciate all that you’ve done for your student and IU. Because of your love, support, and sacrifice, we get to work with the best and brightest individuals on campus.

And You Still Have a Role to Play

IUSF members are leaders in their own right—but they still need your support. How can you help?

  • Encourage your student to get involved. IUSF members learn valuable skills, forge lifelong friendships, and help build a stronger IU.
  • Stay up to date on IUSF activities through our regular communications.
  • Join us for Little 500, and see the results of your student’s hard work!
  • Add your voice to IUSF conversations on FacebookTwitter, and Instagram.
  • Make a gift to the IU Student Foundation, and learn about ways to support IUSF.