Little 500 Rider: Protests and Appeals

Protest and Appeal Procedure

  1. Protest: The student must submit the electronic protest form via the IUSF website along with supporting documents by Monday, October 10, 2022 at 11:59 pm. This protest should outline the eligibility rule that the rider is not in compliance with and explain why the student believes an exception should be made for them.
  2. IUSF Decision: The Little 500 Race Director will review the protest and documentation and conduct any necessary investigation and/or interviews. The Race Director will then decide to pass or deny the protest. If the Race Director rules favorably, then the protest is passed. If the Race Director rules against the protest, then the student has the opportunity to file an appeal with the IUSF Appeals Board. If the student does not choose to file an appeal, then the protest is considered to be denied and cannot be submitted again.
  3. Appeal: A student wishing to appeal a protest that has been denied must submit the electronic appeal form via the IUSF website with an additional payment of $30 by Sunday, October 30, 2022 at 11:59 pm. (Payment covers security and other logistical fees for this meeting.)
  4. Hearing and Final Ruling: The IUSF Appeals Board will review the submitted materials as well as listen to the verbal appeal of the student. The student appealing must be present at the hearing, and they may also bring one additional representative. The Race Director will present the case on behalf of IUSF in support of the original ruling. After both sides have presented arguments, the IUSF Appeals Board will deliberate in private and reach a final decision. The student appealing will be notified in writing of the outcome. All decisions of the IUSF Appeals Board are final.

Protest Periods

The fall protest deadline is Monday, October 10, 2022. Fall protests will be decided by Monday, October 18 involving cases applicable to the current year’s race (2023). The Fall Appeals Board is Wednesday, November 2, 2022.

If a protest is not filled by the deadline, and IUSF determines you to be ineligible after that date, the protest will not be considered.

Appeals Board Description

The purpose of the Appeals Board is to make decisions on protests that have been denied by the Race Director. It is not the function of the Appeals Board to change eligibility rules or the rules of IUSF events. Rather, it exists to hear reasons why an exception should be made for protest that has been denied by the Race Director.

The IUSF Appeals Board is moderated by the IUSF Director and consists of at least seven (7) members appointed by the IUSF Director who are Indiana University-Bloomington undergraduate students, alumni, faculty, and staff. All members will serve for the entire academic year. Members can be terminated or replaced at the sole discretion of IUSF.

The Appeals Board includes:

  • IUSF Steering Committee President
  • At least one other IUSF Steering Committee member
  • At least one general IUSF student member
  • At least one male member of Riders Council
  • At least one female member of Riders Council
  • IU Foundation Board of Associates Chair and/or an IUSF alumni appointee
  • At least one other member as appointed by the IUSF Director