Spring Cycling Events


The Little 500 Qualifications serves as the official event to make into the 2018 Little 500. All registered and eligible Little 500 teams will draw attempt times at random prior to the day of the event. Teams will be given three total attempts in order to put together the fastest four-lap qualifying time. A single attempt will consist of four consecutive laps, with each designated rider riding one lap. An attempt will be preceded by one warm-up fly lap. Upon crossing the start/finish line the official timing will begin. At the conclusion of each lap, the riders must exchange the bicycle with the next person within an exchange zone measuring 16 feet on either side of the start/finish line. The time will stop at as the fourth rider crosses the finish line. The fastest 33 men's and women's teams will set the official starting grid for the 2017 Little 500.
Date and time: 8:00 am to 5:30 pm, March 24
Location: Bill Armstrong Stadium

Spring Cycling Series

Individual Time Trials

In each heat, one rider will be placed at each of the four corners of the track. From a standing start, at the sound of the gun, each participant will make four complete laps. At the conclusion of the fourth lap, the timers will stop the clock. Riders will be sorted into final results based on their four-lap time.
Date and time: 3:00 pm to 11:30 pm, March 28
Location: Bill Armstrong Stadium


This race will be run in heats of six to 12 riders. Once the competition begins, the last rider to have his or her front tire cross the start/finish line will be eliminated from competition. The final three riders of each first-round heat will advance to the next round. Every round thereafter, only two riders will advance until the semifinal heat, when three riders advance. The heats will continue in this fashion until a championship heat is reached. In the championship heat, the remaining three riders will complete one final lap, and the rider to have his or her front tire cross the start/finish line first will be declared the Miss N Out Champion.
Date and time: 12:00 pm to 6:00 pm, March 31
Location: Bill Armstrong Stadium

Team Pursuit

Two teams of four riders each will ride simultaneously against one another. The bikes will be placed at opposite corners of the track, lying flat on the cinders. The race begins with both teams standing 20 feet from their bikes. At the sound of a horn, the teams sprint to their bikes and begin the 15-lap (men)/12-lap (women) race. The two teams chase one another while ultimately competing against the clock. Each team continues to ride until the third rider of each team crosses his/her respective start/finish line. The two teams with the fastest times will compete in a final Team Pursuit championship heat at the end of the night.
Date and time: 1:00 pm to 9:00 pm, April 8
Location: Bill Armstrong Stadium

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