Leadership for a Lifetime

You know better than anyone how much your Student Foundation experience shaped your life.

The late nights you spent putting the finishing touches on your IUSF projects. The committee work. The teamwork. The satisfaction of a job well done. The crazy amounts of pizza.

The chance to lead.
The opportunity to push yourself, or indeed to prove yourself.

The laughter.

The pride.

Those IUSF lessons can barely be quantified, but their impact was immense. They may even resonate more with you now than some of the classes you took at IU. Certainly they helped make you the person you are today.

Now multiply the effect IUSF had on you by the number of members in your class, and in all the classes since the organization was founded in 1950. That’s more than 60 years’ worth of IU students developing leadership, strategic planning, teamwork, and organizational skills. And every one of you has gone on to apply those skills to your life, your career, and your community.

That’s the impact of the IU Student Foundation.

Today, the Student Foundation is thinking about the future. As part of Indiana University’s 200th anniversary capital campaign, IUSF has the opportunity to strengthen and expand its programming in exciting ways. We are seeking your input on the following strategic initiatives:

To expand a leadership development program, open to all undergraduates on the Bloomington campus, one that would be unique on the campus and that would rival the best student leadership development programs in the country.

To establish an Alumni Scholarship Fund, to expand the amount of financial assistance IUSF gives to help IU students.

• To grow the IU Student Foundation, so that its shining opportunities for learning and engagement will endure for generations.

To improve facilities for the Little 500, to enhance the experience for riders and spectator and to foster the long-term engagement of volunteers and donors.

Why should we do these things to strengthen the IU Student Foundation?

For two reasons, really.

First, it will be good for Indiana University. Research has demonstrated something we already knew: Engaged students become engaged alumni. To take just one example, 13 percent of IU’s 70,000 alumni donate to the university, but a whopping 63 percent of IUSF’s 18,700 alumni give. IUSF alumni also volunteer to serve their alma mater at a higher rate than the general alumni population.

Second, the changes we’re proposing will transform the IUSF experience. We will be able to engage more students and be more intentional about their development as leaders. IUSF’s own events will be the laboratory. The result will be more IU graduates who are confident, who know how to solve problems, who can motivate a team. That will be good for their families, good for their careers, and good for their communities.

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